On air from 13h till 15h

The annual Meakusma festival is a festival celebrating the unclassifiable through music, installations and more. It takes place again this year in Eupen (Belgium) from the 6h till the 8th of September. Next to Disrupt, there are almost hundred (!) other interesting artists on the line-up like Tako, Toulouse Low Trax, Elena Colombi, John T. Gast & many more.
Find all info & details on the festival via http://www.meakusma-festival.be/

ML is a rake from Cologne who loves sound and vision. Besides being a journalist and night owl he is in charge for the 150 Session radio show for Radio Cómeme and NTS Radio that he always tunes with no clue what to do. ML’s shows come around as an eclectic genre meltdown that marries avant-techno with rural chants from the past, odd house emotions with detailed minimal music, psychedelic fuzz with big city jazz and beyond. No country, no flag – outernational without a cause.


  1. Houston & Dorsey: Ebb Tide
  2. Gaia Tones: Lychees
  3. Vesu’s: Red-eyed Wood Lizard
  4. Davy Kehoe: The Pilot Part 2
  5. Vesu’s: Bogota Anadia
  6. Pump: Drop
  7. Eric Chale, Ilona Chale, Michel Moers: Hymne
  8. Roxy Music: Manifesto
  9. Unknown Artist: B4=0 (Edited by Ivan Smagghe)
  10. Elisa Waut: Russia
  11. Gerry Franke: Irregular Gangue
  12. Shakti: Rainbows
  13. Anadol: 78 Yılının En Uzun Dakikası
  14. Coil: Omlagus Garfungiloops
  15. Shari Vari: Jungle
  16. Eric Chale, Ilona Chale, Michel Moers: Passé Dedans
  17. Two Daughters: Gloria 1
  18. 400 Blows: Perspective 3
  19. Gwakasonné: Nirvacina
  20. Raymonde: Prométhée 2022
  21. SNP: SNP 03
  22. Ivan Smagghe: Canal Street
  23. Zlatanos: 06
  24. Elodie Lauten: Quantesaurus
  25. Wadada Leo Smith / Walter Quintus / Katya Quintus / Miroslav Tadić / Mark Nauseef: Uncoiling
  26. Tellus
  27. 400 Blows: Declaration Of Intent (Re-Mixed)
  28. Oleg Poliakov: Intro
  29. John Bender: Last Time I Saw You