On air from 20h till 22h

GROEF is a Belgian collective based in Leuven/Brussels aiming to create a platform for young artists and musicians. They’ve been carefully selecting, showcasing and shaping towards a series of nightlife events, exhibitions and livestreams.

Nattigheid – De Nooit Moede
Definitief – Vlerk
Waves – Blue Dressed Man
Send Me – Tirzah
Tavern Kween – Desire Marea
Papi – DJ Gigola & Kev Koko
Sfire 6 – Sfire
Ultra Facial! – James K
Amazonia – Kessler
5am Nostalgia – Lobec
Hiding my Machine – Hadone
Addiction – Worldwide epidemic
In Da Club Before Eleven O’ Clock
✰ANNAHIR✰ – Der Gärtner
Déjà Vu Bass (ft. Dj Di’jital) – Textasy
Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya – Dj Deeon
Move Your Body – Octa Octa
Not Okay (Alone Mix) – SOPHIE
Worldshifters – Aerpass
Hollow -m0res
Luxx – Dual Shaman
Interlocked – Danny L Harle, DJ Mayhem
Aviči Hell – DJ Coldsteel
Empty Lightning (feat. Oklou) – Woesum