On air from 15h till 16h

I’m currently in the process of making an album, full of music for you to walk to. Going out for walks are one of the few things we can do anyways, so why not make it a little more interesting? I invite you to put on a pair of comfortable sneakers, your best headphones, earbuds or portable speakers and follow in my footsteps. Half of the tunes you’re about to hear, were made by me. The other half, are what inspired me to make this project. So if you want to listen to great music, just skip half the show! jk Your laces should be in place, to start chasing pavements, so go out and enjoy the show!

  1. Thonovo – Follow
  2. Thonovo – Frozen Ocean
  3. Ben Hayes – Ready Yet (feat. Nubya)
  4. Thonovo – Overcome
  5. Thonovo – The Hero’s Journey
  6. Bibio – Erdaydidder-Erdiddar
  7. Thonovo – Imposter Syndrome
  8. Gidge – Rotate into Form
  9. Yosi Horikawa – Mine
  10. Thonovo – Shadow Work 
  11. Thonovo – Dawn Chorus
  12. Max Cooper – Order from Chaos
  13. Paul Keilhau – End
  14. Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush
  15. Weval – Metazoa
  16. Photay – Inharmonious Slug
  17. Rosie O’Donnell, Phil Collins & Cast – Trashin’ The Camp
  18. Thonovo – Lockdown Love