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Acapulco Nights return with another essential special after their focus mixes on Patrick Cowley, Chris & Cosey and many
others. This time they put the spotlight on Global Communication.

Global Communication is an electronic music act, consisting of Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard.
Mark Pritchard was born in Crewkerne, Somerset, England in 1971. From an early age he listened to a wide range of musical styles, and says when he was 5 his mother would buy him a new 7″ record every week. After spending his school years listening to ska, 2-tone, indie and rock, he eventually became involved in club music, specifically Detroit techno and Chicago house. In the clubs of Taunton he came into contact with fellow West Country resident Tom Middleton, a classically-trained pianist and cellist from Cornwall,  who learned the science of sound sampling and synth programming by observing Richard d. James in the studio. This friendship lead to Tom co-producing a track for the ‘Analogue Bubblebath’ EP as Schizophrenia, which has now reached cult status

Mark & Tom recorded under an number pseudonyms, including the popular Reload (featuring experimental techno and ambient music), Global Communication (primarily ambient), and Jedi Knights (electro funk and house music), plus lesser-known aliases Chameleon, Secret Ingredients, and Link & E621. Global Communication’s 1994 ambient album 76:14 is widely considered to be a landmark of the genre.

They formed a record label; Evolution (named after one of Carl Craig’s tracks), in 1991. The label played host to experimental electronica and dance music, including early releases from Matthew Herbert and Danny Breaks, but was eventually discontinued.

  1. Tune
  2. Global Communication – 0.54
  3. Mystic institute – ob-selon mi-nos (repainted by Global Communication)
  4. Reload – Le soleil et la mer
  5. Tom Middleton – Margherita
  6. Harmonic 33 – Exotica
  7. Harmonic 33 – Departure lounge
  8. Harmonic 33 – Where have they gone
  9. Palmskin Productions – Evolution of the beast (part II by Global Communication)
  10. Harmonic 33 – Far away places
  11. Warp 69 – Natural High (global communication remix)
  12. Harmonic 313 – Falling Away
  13. Global Communication – Funk in the fridge
  14. Jedi Knights – Afterlife
  15. Nav Katze – Wild Horses (Global mix communication)
  16. Global Communication – Gamma Phase
  17. Reload – The Biosphere
  18. Harmonic 313 – When machines exceeds human intelligence
  19. Link – Amenity
  20. Link & e621 – Antacid
  21. Jedi Knights – One for MAW
  22. Secret Ingredients – Chicago, Chicago
  23. Azymuth – Jazz Carnival (Global communication space jazz remix)
  24. Global Communication – The way (Secret Ingredients mix)
  25. The Chameleon – Links
  26. The Chameleon – Just close your eyes and listen
  27. Global Communication – Incidental Harmony
  28. Global Communication – 5:23
  29. Tom Middleton – Optimystic
  30. The Orb – Once more (Mark Pritchard remix)
  31. Reload – Soaring
  32. Jedi Knights – Solina (The ascension)
  33. Wereldwijde communicatie
  34. Reload – Peschi