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Ghent based restaurant-cum-dancefloor Amigo has invited some of their extended family members to curate a series of mixtapes, dedicated to make you feel just that little bit more hungry. And willing. Today’s episode is handcrafted by Aso Asin.

He’s an Antwerp based DJ who’s into collecting and sharing music from all corners of the world: from ’70s jazz-funk and progrock to ’90s hip-hop and electronic music. As a DJ, Aso Asin has shared the bill with celebrated artists such as Shigeto, Om Unit, Clark, Jameszoo, Kutmah, Selda, Omar Souleyman, Lefto and Andy Votel. His guest appearances on Drrrip, Kiosk Radio, Studio Brussel and The Lot Radio in New York showcase his versatility.

Besides his activities as a DJ, he’s also one of the founders of Champion Sound, a Belgium based concept that serves as a platform for promoting talented, local beatmakers.

In his own words: 

August is usually the month I get to travel in. Due to Covid-19, I won’t be able to do so this year. I know many other people are in the same situation, so I thought: let’s go on an imaginary vacation trip: starting in Anatolia, ending in Africa and of course, a bunch of stops in between. I cherrypicked songs that go well with this steamy, hot weather.

Check also his Aso Asin’s tips to get you through the day in our blog section. 

  1. FOC Edits – Neredesin
  2. Gallo – Vortex
  3. Coyote – Balearic Restrictor
  4. History of Colour – Viva la Convolución!
  5. Kutiman – Maasai
  6. Al Dobson Jr – Sweet Critics Pt. 2
  7. Chip Wickham – Soho Strut (Max Graef Bongo Mix)
  8. Jeen Bassa – You Can’t Pretend
  9. Neue Grafik Ensemble – Voodoo Rain (feat. Nubya Garcia)
  10. Paralel Disko – Panayır Günü
  11. Googoosh – Talagh
  12. Ziad Rahbani – Abu Ali
  13. Sven Wunder – Yugen
  14. Tall Black Guy – We Gotta Do Better (feat. Paul Theodore Chandler & Deborah Bond)
  15. Tenderlonious – Little D
  16. Malouane – Faith Hiva
  17. The Last Nubian – Freddie Cougar
  18. Afriquoi – Ndeke Solo (Voilaaa Remix)
  19. Mettle Music – Tranquility 2001 (Ambient Mix)