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Every month Amigo (a restarant cum club in Ghent) invites some of their extented family members to curate a series of mixtapes, dedicated to make you feel just that little bit more hungry. And willing. A new month brings us all girl club Yun Buns, they bring a sweaty mix of superb tunes and fun vibes. This is what they say about their mix;

A word, a number, or sequence which reads the same backward as forward. Just like our Palindrome mix recorded on twosday 22.02.2022. We present you, a build up and cool down, front to back. Or back to front.

Like a long anticipated dinner party, where chaotic conversations rule the night. Nobody has to finish the sentence they started, cause it’s just the that kind of night. Over excited, shouting, laughing. All gas no breaks. Like a palindrome: play it in reverse.

Yun Buns Fun Buns!