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A new Music For Sharing Plates is here! Enjoy the fresh heat… Every month we invite some of our extended family members to curate a series of mixtapes, dedicated to make you feel just that little bit more hungry. And willing.
As always, no genres or boundaries — just for fun!

Our February issue is created by Object and Sounds! Objects & Sounds is a mood-based record store in Gent on a humble mission to encourage a different way of discovering and engaging with music. Inspired by the comforting flavors and warm mood at Amigo, Alec and Aimee put together a selection of laidback tunes that evoke a sense of familiar comfort yet also have a danceable groove going on. A mood of its own, really, as Gentenaars would know.

Read also their selection for Amigo in our blog section. 

  1. Greg Foat & James Thorpe – Elementary Physiology, Pt. 2
  2. The Sweet Enoughs – Dream Puppy
  3. Amanita – Sol y Sombra
  4. CAN – She Brings The Rain
  5. Lonnie Liston Smith – Peaceful Ones
  6. George Benson – Shape Of Things To Come
  7. Ronnie Foster – Mystic Brew
  8. Woo – The Cleaner
  9. Jackie Mittoo – Wall Street
  10. Atelje – Spiral
  11. Maât – Llome Dub (feat. Leya)
  12. Clever Austin – Planet Viewing
  13. Leon Lowman – Liquid Diamonds
  14. Elko B. – Krokodil
  15. Tonny Allen – Ariya
  16. Ryozo Band – PEPE
  17. Taggy Matcher – Chameleon
  18. Bernard Fevre – Savana Melody
  19. Poptartpete – So Special (Gonna Last)
  20. Daphni – Face to Face
  21. Chico Hamilton – Gengis
  22. Robert Drasnin – Chant Of The Moon
  23. Surprise Chef – Where’s The Cream
  24. Marvin Gaye – Calypso Blues
  25. Ron Basejam – Long Train
  26. Roedelius – Wahre Liebe