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For this second pre-festival mix of OORtreders festival, happening in 2 days from now, we asked 3 festival artists to make a selection out of own work, and give a small introduction to the pieces: Pak Yan Lau, Stijn Demeulenaere and Anne van de Star.

Pak Yan Lau

00:00 Lumiere29X

This is a piece made for the project of Julie Calbert (photographer), consisting of only piano and gong rods. More info here.

05:59 The Days of the Week

This piece is still to be released on a 7” vinyl  on the Italian label Holidays Records. But premiering here on WAV radio. 

11:30 Yoru

This is a piece made for CTM (Berlin) with the use of my ‘ceramic wokalimba’ and electronics solely.

Stijn Demeulenaere

19:09 Trein naar Neerpelt (field recording)

One of the latest things I recorded. The drone of the slow diesel train to Neerpelt. I was on my way to build Zijlijn / Linea Lateralis at OORtreders and really liked the drone and cadence of the train. I usually have a small recording device in my pocket, so I quickly recorded this.

20.33 Oortreders (composition)

A composition I made during the Sonic Mmabolela residency in 2013. Sonic Mmabolela is a residency in South Africa led by Francisco Lopez. That residency has actually been crucial in deciding on my own path in working with sound. This composition won the bronze at the 2014 Musica soundscape competition. And yes, the OORtreders festival is named after this piece. More info here.

27:09 Aerial Movement (composition)

A stereo study for the installation Pressure Sequence, in which I work with the sounds of dancers. More info here and also here.

30:53 Dawn Chorus at The Bridge 30-11-13 – selection (field recording)

Still one of the favourite moments I ever recorded. A Dawn Chorus on a bridge over a river that forms the border between Botswana and South Africa. One of those moments where everything just comes together. Dawn Choruses are the moment when the world wakes up, and it seems as if nature itself plays an orchestral piece, with each organism, from insects over birds to mammals, having their own moment, place, and time in a larger composition.

46:22 Rebellious Hounds (composition)

An ode to my radio past. At that time, I was still very busy with radio. I was hanging out of my window one summer evening and playing with a shortwave radio receiver. Suddenly I get hold of this American radio evangelist, at the very end of the shortwave band, his thundering sermons laced with noise and static, caused by the ionization of the atmosphere (which also ensured I could receive this signal). I quickly hooked up a recorder to my radio and recorded the rest. I was able to play the noise a bit by gently turning the tuning knob and steer the antenna in other directions. Think of it as an instant composition.

49:07 Zijlijn / Linea Lateralis. (Installation excerpt)

Zijlijn / Linea Lateralis is an exploration of the soundscape of the North Sea, and the difficult relationship between natural sounds and man-made noise. The installation is now on show at the OORtreders festival. This is a stereo excerpt from the multichannel installation. More info here.

Anne van de Star 

52:18 – 01:00:19  MB40D and silk

This piece is based on audio recordings of a turning disco ball motor and a waving sheet of silk. With minimal digital processing and manipulation the composition emphasizes the differences and similarities of the two sound sources, the electric drone and the tactile rubbing. This creates a dialogue between motor and cloth, between hard and soft, between the device and product. More info here.

Pic © Pak Yan Lau: Yuen Yan Lau

Pic © Stijn Demeulenaere: Kevin Trappeniers

Pic © Anne van de Star, Silence after the explosion in Silicone Valley audio performance, 2019


Pak Yan Lau

  • 00:00 Lumiere29X
  • 05:59 The Days of the Week
  • 11:30 Yoru

Stijn Demeulenaere

  • 19:09 Trein naar Neerpelt (field recording)
  • 20:33 Oortreders (composition)
  • 27:09 Aerial Movement  (composition)
  • 30:53 Dawn Chorus at The Bridge 30-11-13 – selection (field recording)
  • 46:22 Rebellious Hounds (composition)
  • 49:07 Zijlijn / Linea Lateralis (installation excerpt)

Anne Van de Star 

  • 52:18 – 01:00:19  MB40D and silk

OORtreders Festival is a 3-day happening for art and sound, at a unique location in the middle of the forests of North Limburg. Visitors and artists both local and from abroad come together with a shared focus on sound and music. A sense of experimentation and adventure is a must here. This fourth edition, subtitled ‘Sound in times of fluidity’, reflects on a society where almost everything is in flux and refuses to become consistent. Throughout the programme, various themes are explored at the intersection between ecology and society, with sound as the primary medium. The festival programme includes concerts and performances, talks, and an expo-route with sound installations that can be experienced in- as well as outdoors.

You find all info about the festival and Klankenbos through links below.