Eclecticism in dance music as leitmotiv, combining a wide range of styles and artists whose timeless music fit my taste. Warmth, depth, meaning and of course great rhythms are the common ground.

Vincent Brijs (1982) is a musician, record collector and DJ. He is the founder and inspirer of the Antwerp gonzo-space funk band BRZZVLL, he is also active with, among others, the legendary American funk band Defunkt”. Even before he was serious about playing saxophone, he was already DJing. His style is very eclectic and varies between jazzsoulfunkdiscoelectroboogieacidhousebreaks…


TOP 10 ALBUMS FOR 2018 (in no particular order)
1. Jamal Moss: Acid Taken Over



2. Aphex Twin: Collapse (Warp)



3. Lab Rat XL (aka Drexciya): Mice or Cyborg (Clone)



4. N’Draman Blintch: Cosmic Sounds (reissue)



5. Martin Rev: Martin Rev (reissue)



6. Charles Manier: Luxus Steroid Abamita 



7. Luke Vibert: Arcadia (DE:Tuned)



8. Milan W: Envelope (Ekster)



9. Elko B: I Bambini Di Basilisco (Ekster)



10. Iglooghost: Clear Tamei ep (GLOO)