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New WAV host Bassim with his first show on WAV ! Tune in.

Before the first lockdown started, I was obsessed with trance music. It brought me back to an era I hadn’t experienced since I was a kid at the time. It was a strange nostalgic feeling that I could be there again and experience those vibes, even though I had never been to an actual trance music party. Musically I had the feeling that since then, time had come to a halt for me. I see this mix as a purge of that phase in my musical life, the same way you would say goodbye to a dream. It’s a bittersweet feeling, you’re happy you dreamt well, but also happy that a new fantasy can start. Some songs in this mix are classic trance songs, some are more niche songs. The vibe is in the perfect combination of those although you must accept the cheesiness of it from time to time.