Basso is a part time romantic who grows his own vegetables. Some says he’s an Eccentric. Who knows?
We know that he used to be an artist, spending his days drawing awkward forms and making sculptures, sound installations and performances. In the nights he used to dj a lot. Sometimes even bi or tri-weekly (That was when he was younger – late 90s, to be precise).
Now he’s doing it occasionally only, but it’s way more fun.
One thing we can say for sure is that he really likes buying records. Lots. Maybe that’s why he needs to sell some. www.growingbinrecords.com.
He actually likes music THAT much, so he puts out stuff that gives him goosebumps. All these records are ace ;).  To write about the mix he recorded for the Howlin’ bros he needs to switch from third person to first.

Everybody loves playing with new toys and so do I. The mix is drawn around some songs that I discovered recently plus some rediscoveries of songs that have been sleeping in the shelves for a while. The second song is one of these. I fell in love with it a couple of years ago but then forgot about it again. The affection is even stronger now :).  In general I wanted to give the mix an Indian summer vibe. I have thought about sheep grazing.
But after hearing those Little Fluffy Clouds (maybe 35 minutes in) I wanted to dance a bit too. And rap along!

Enjoy the ride…

Cheers, Basso

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