On air from 18h till 19h

gemu is a research project and mutable archive focused on video game music. Bent Von Bent is a Belgian composer from Antwerp.


Soundtrack by Paul Weir

  1. gemu Intro ’22-’23
  2. Café Ankh
  3. The Wharf
  4. The Cemetery
  5. Outside Café Ankh
  6. BGM cafemai2
  7. Dagon street
  8. The Guild of Archeologists
  9. The Vault
  10. The Von Überwald Mansion
  11. In the Cargo of the Milka
  12. Mundi’s Room
  13. Saturn
  14. BGM Smalsanc
  15. Title Track
  16. The Chase
  17. BGM oparmain
  18. Lewton’s Office