SCHERM is a new monthly liveshow about soundtracks / OST’s, featuring track & theme selections, narratives or interviews. 

Focusing on soundtracks means sticking to the relation between sound and screen. But in SCHERM this will happen in an unlimited way, including soundtracks of videogames, movies, documentaries, advertisements, installations & more. 

For the first two episodes, Bent Von Bent compiled a two-piece personal interlude, a minimal selection of his all-time favourites.

Bent Von Bent is a composer from Antwerp.

  1. Ray Parker, Jim Morgan & Tom Szczesniak – Symphonic Theme (The Adventures of Tintin)
  2. Noriyuki Asakura – This Shore (Opening Theme) (Way of the Samurai)
  3. Vangelis – Tales Of The Future (Blade Runner)
  4. Kuniaki Haishima – BLACK OUT (Black Out)
  5. Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Battle Against Clown (Akira)
  6. Howard Shore – Tide Pool (The Cell)
  7. Mark Snow – Materia Primoris: The X-Files Theme (Main Title) (The X Files)
  8. Jo Yeong-wook – The Last Waltz (Mido’s Theme) (Old Boy)
  9. Koji Endo – Gryphon the Sacred Beast (The Great Yokai War)
  10. Ennio Morricone – Orca (Finale) (Orca)
  11. Haruomi Hosono – 若紫 (Tale of Genji)
  12. Kenji Kawai – Omen (Dark Water)
  13. Tsai Cheng-nan – A Borrowed Life (A Borrowed Life)
  14. Jonathan Elias – Katrina’s Club (Vamp)
  15. Ennio Morricone – Chi Mai (Le Professionnel)
  16. Hironori Doi – Innocent World Theme (Innocent World)
  17. Kenji Kawai – Reincarnation (Ghost In The Shell)
  18. Hironori Doi – 地球大進化(オープニングテーマ (Miracle Planet)
  19. Keiichi Suzuki – A Road To A Post-Town (Zatoichi)
  20. Kuniaki Haishima – 颪–oroshi (Gasaraki)
  21. Susumu Hirasawa – オープニング (Kamui Mintara)
  22. Mark Snow – Adflatus (The X Files)
  23. Kenji Kawai – モブ・感情の爆発 (Mob Psycho 100)
  24. Jo Yeongwook – A Spy (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance)
  25. Haruomi Hosono – Temo Finala – Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo (Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo)