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Burger Service

Burger service is het soloproject van Jan Tromp (Venlo, 1995) Burger service serveert een combinatie van lofi, punk, new-wave, en indie. Drumcomputers, synthesizers en gitaren vormen de basis voor nummers over Alledaagse thema’s.

Dj charmander

The secret lovechild of Charlie XCX and Paul Elstak
that grew up under the wigan Pier, Leeds. Hyperrave and happiness

Jimmy Kidd

Jimmy Kidd is an Antwerp-based musician and performer. With their synth-based music they invite you to lose yourself in a fantasy world of spaceships and pirates. A world where they had to disguise their gender to work on a ship and grew to like this bending of gender. Jimmy creates unpredictable, messy and comfortably intimate shows that always have a deeper message if you know where to look. X marks the spot.

Ilja Kleinjans


00:00:00 – 00:14:10 Ilja Kleinjans

00:14:10 – 00:39:40 Jimmy Kidd

00:39:45 – 01:03:40 Burger Service

01:03:45 – 01:14:50 Clara Lissens

01:14:57 – 02:21:55 DJ Charmander