WAV will broadcast this event from around 17h

Invited by the town of Hoeilaart and with the support of the Flemish Heritage Fund, Edições CN created this unique document, called Serrisme. Through photography, text, music, and sound we log a special and peculiar culture: grape cultivation under glass in Hoeilaart.

WAV will capture  the official presentation of Serrisme, saturday 28th august, live from GC Felix Sohie, Hoeilaart.

The proverbial grape on the (cheese) pie! Lieven Martens, artistic director of the arts platform Edições CN, and major driving force behind the SERRISME project, has put together a *****-star program with artists from our homeland and abroad especially for this weekend; all with a preference for large and small sounds & tones!

With concerts and performances by:

Tomoko Sauvage, Christina Vantzou, Lizzy Vandierendonck, Dennis Tyfus, Francesco Cavaliere, Simon Van Honacker, Jan Matthé, Christophe Piette, Daphné Pascual, and Hiele.

Tomoko Sauvage (Japan)

Sauvage built her own ‘natural synthesizer’ from an arsenal of water bowls, liquids, ceramics and underwater loudspeakers. The result is somewhere between a scientific experiment, meditative therapy and sound art. An experience you must have!

Christina Vantzou (USA)

Vantzou herself worked intensively on the ‘SERRISME’ project. She is a master in creating magical atmospheres and knows better than anyone else how to make the connection between modern classical and ambient music.

Francesco Cavaliere (IT)

The base for Cavaliere’s music lies in the power of his imagination! He is known for the feeling with which he manages to combine sound, material and space in a unique way. You can therefore expect an imaginary journey through a parallel universe.

Hiele (BE)

Roman Hiele is a producer & composer whose infectious mix of synthetic sounds and jazz is never less than surprising! He challenges conventional music by playing with improvisation and bending the ingredients of classical music into electronica.

Dennis Tyfus (BE)

Creative mastermind and all-rounder, label boss of the legendary Ultra Eczema! This makes Dennis Tyfus one of the most prominent figures in the (Belgian) world of art! He recently had solo exhibitions in Middelheim Park and the Tim Van Laere Gallery and comes to Hoeilaart with his new project for voice and piano.

+ Contributions from

Jan Matthé, Lizzy Vandierendonck, Chrstophe Piette, Simon Van Honacker, Daphné Pascual

Find some links below for more info.

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