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We will share a part of the live performance brought by CIRQLE & CYQLE @De Studio. Have it a go and if you like you can find the album here.

CIRQLE & CYQLE are TRUENOYS & MIDM, they have been working together for many years & on various projects wich resulted in albums, 12’s & soundtracks on Pulver Records, DEEP MEDi, Lovemonk Rec, Compost Records etc.

Projects have been championed by Benji B, Moodymann, Nightmares On Wax, Mary Ann Hobbs, ..

They teamed up with Mala to create the soundtrack for the animated version of Akala’s novel The Ruins Of Empires, directed by Andy Serkis on BBC Two.

The duo droppped a bunch of EP’s and tracks earlier this year ahead of their debut LP – ENDINGS, BEGINNINGS – coming on Rotkat Records january 12, 2023, coming on a beautiful vinyl with vocal contributions from a different range of artists & friends.

Their music is drenched in electronic organic headnodding deep bangers, blending the old & new in CIRQLE & CYQLE’s own unique style.

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CIRQLE & CYQLE (live) feat. MC’s Deco Comprehension, 72Soul & NAG
Dj sets by DJ Grazzhoppa, Benny Bang, 72Soul, Deco & NAG

+ live jam open mic/battle > MC’s welcome.