On Air 06-02-2019 from 17:00 till 19:00

As if being an eclectic, future minded afro head wasn’t enough, Corrupted presents the self designed A/V project ‘Delusion’ For this project, Corrupted cites beats, footwork and A/V hotheads such as Flying Lotus as his influences. Being eager to fully immerge you into his emotional, surreal world, the Red Bull Elektropedia Award nominee now delivers ‘Delusion’ as his fresh, proper business card


My name is Youniss, in 1994 I was born in a small district in Antwerp. I grew up in a house just outside of Antwerp with my brother, both of us being raised by our grandparents. As a kid I spent most of my time in my grandfathers studio watching him paint while I doodled on paper. The constant blaring of Nat King Cole, John Coltrane, Sammy Davis Jr. and more and they awakened a certain love for music, my grandfather’s fanatic love for early Hollywood films and his amazing abilities as a painter worked their magic on my mind.

All this led me to later study Visual Arts in high-school and later  Graphic design & Digital media at college. Around the same time I started dabbling into music production which kickstarted my career as Corrupted.