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‘In contrast to our contemporary view of it, in the past, rather than falling, night was understood to rise. As Ekirch has noted, the ‘darkness of the night appears palpable. Evening does not arrive, it “thickens”‘.

Quote from ‘Dark Matters – A Manifesto for the Nocturnal City’ by Nick Dunn.

“The Poet, being roused by a clap of thunder, and following his guide onward, descends into Limbo, which is the first circle of Hell, where he finds the souls of those, who although they have lived virtuously and have not to suffer for great sins, nevertheless, merit not the bliss of Paradise.” Dante Alighieri. The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto IV (Circle I – Limbo)

  1. Craftie – Death Is Not The End 
  2. Improvisation in Sigah (Golha-ye Javidan #140) – Morteza Mahjoubi
  3. Bryophyte Society Annual Picnic  – Robin Saville 
  4. The Heart Sutra – Susan Alcorn 
  5. New Safe – David John Morris 
  6. Criel – Abel Ghekiere 
  7. 23:17 Abbatoir Anderlecht – Daniël Paul
  8. Makro – 2morph (from Meakusma Tributary Songs)
  9. Akvaario – Kuusumun Profeetta
  10. august 31st – Rachika Nayar 
  11. Blue feat. Jeuru – Frederik Valentin 
  12. So Blue – Prince 
  13. Taboo ’69 – Burt Blanca & The King Creoles 
  14. Sleepy Boy – Magic Max 
  15. Spelling – Sam Prekop