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“We all carry trace fossils within us – the marks that the dead and the missed leave behind. Handwriting on an envelope; the wear on a wooden step left by footfall; the memory of a familiar gesture by someone gone, repeated so often it has worn its own groove in both air and mind: these are trace fossils too. Sometimes, in fact, all that is left behind by loss is trace – and sometimes empty volume can be easier to hold in the heart than presence itself.” Robert Macfarlane. Underland – A Deep Time Journey.

(For Tom R., always)


“The Poet, being roused by a clap of thunder, and following his guide onward, descends into Limbo, which is the first circle of Hell, where he finds the souls of those, who although they have lived virtuously and have not to suffer for great sins, nevertheless, merit not the bliss of Paradise.” Dante Alighieri. The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto IV (Circle I – Limbo)

  1. Canto XI Limbo – Andreas Ammer & F.M. Einheit
  2. Cielo Rojo – Hari Sima – Abstrakce Records
  3. The Peach Tree Next Door Grew over Our Fence – Dylan Henner – AD 93
  4. Doing Regular Things – Reedale Rise – Frustrated Funk
  5. First Flight – Autotelia 
  6. Erebus – Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz – FRKWYS/RVGN Intl.
  7. Marsh Land – Carl Matthews – Abstrakce Records 
  8. Twist – Tiziano Popoli – RVGN Intl.
  9. Hadal Zone – Valentino Mora – Spazio Disponibile
  10. R5V – Nadia Struiwigh – Nous’klaer Audio
  11. Kiviä Ja Taivasta – Kiila – KRAAK
  12. Una Pausa – Radio Hito
  13. Apex II – Line Gate – mappa