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As the legend goes, in the late ‘80s a young DJ Moortje from Curaçao was playing at Den Haag’s Club Voltage, where he accidentally played a dancehall track at 45RPM, not 33, to feverish reception from the dancers. A new style of hi NRG dancehall was born and named bubbling house, with a new generation of diasporic producers such as De Schuurman following in the footsteps of his uncle and bubbling pioneer DJ Chippie to evolve the sound in the late 2000s, using Fruityloops to update the style with traces of rap, R&B, trance and electro-house alongside his cousins, DJ Daycard, DJ Master-D, Stiko Jnr and DJ Justme. The sound received international recognition in 2011 via Anti-G’s ‘Presents Kentje’sz Beatsz’ compilation with Planet Mu, and now NNT serve a hot reminder of its irresistible innovations with ‘Bubbling Inside.’ (bio / info via Boomkat)