On air: 28.04.18 from 22h to 00h

Sunday Matinee drops by for a visit at the WAV HQ for a pré Matinee set before their event at Bar Noord.


1. What was the first sound you remember?

Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred.

2. And the first sound that you recognized as music, never to leave your heart/head again?

The Strangers. Paljaske van ne vent.

3. What did you want to become as a kid?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Jordan.

4. Who do you look up to and why?

Ricardo Villabos. Magic.

5. Who should play you in the movie about your life?

Socially awkward Michiel.

6. What annoys you the most? About others? About yourself?

People stealing my food.

7. Choose one superpower if you were a comic book hero?

Invisibility is fun.

8. What is your trademark joke or trick?


9. Did video really kill the radio star?

Yes. Fatality.

10. Who are you favorite table guests, dead and/or alive?

Zatte Renée, Jim Carrey and Isabelle A cause she’s hot.

11. Where would you rather be right now?

Vbx with Zip.

12. How close did you ever come to death?

2 cm. B

13. What is the craziest thing you ever saw on the internet? Efukt. The porn you wish you never saw.

14. Do you dance to your own music?

Why (not)? If it doesnt get you dancing, start over.

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