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Who else is better in giving you an overview of the label then Dennis himself. 2 hours of Ultra Eczema music and the inspirations around it.

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  • Hanne De Backer & Karen Willems (Untitled track from De Nor 2019, compilation cassette, UE277)
  • Ignatz & De Stervende Honden : An Absolute Pleasure (From the testpress of ‘Saturday’s Den’, LP out soon! UE304)
  • Hot Marijke : Zulte Droom (From a lathe cut by Peter Fengler and Dennis Tyfus, released in a vacuum-sealed bag of headmeat, UE230)
  • Cassis Cornuta : Halo (The openingstrack from ‘Mag Ik Eens Even In Uw Broek Pissen’, UE69)
  • Paul De Vree : Dagelijkse Berezina (From the LP ‘ Hippocosmos, Onuitgegeven Opnames 1967-1979’, UE141)
  • Lucrecia Dalt & Aaron Dilloway : The Monster Of Yesa (From the recent ‘De Nor 2020’ compilation LP, UE300)
  • Joe Mcphee – Mette Rasmussen – Dennis Tyfus (Untitled, unreleased recording done after a Summer Bummer fest in Antwerp)
  • Miles Away : Oi In Eupen Main Theme (From the recent 10″ that came with the ‘Skins, Brains & Guts’ exhibition catalog, UE302)
  • Wout Vercammen : 27/09/2002 (A recording of Wout Vercammen, utterly excited about a certain tree, from his only untitled LP, UE66)
  • Speedqueen : New Wave Copy Center (Based on a copy-center in Antwerp where everyone looked rather sad, UE193)
  • R. Vhoorspel : Leest Kees Pempers (The result of a failed prank, used as tape filling on ‘De Nor 2019’, UE277)
  • Vom Grill : Jan Broeder (A Cover of sorts of a Wannes Van De Velde traditional. The violin was played by Wannes’ violinist Flor Hermans. From ‘Opgenomen Verantwoordelijkheden, LP, UE186)
  • Attempt : Popcorn (Originally made for one of the “one track all night long” party’s by Hair Police member Trevor Tremaine. From the Popcorn comp. LP, UE82)
  • Evil Madness : Female Alien Fantasy / No More Ever More (Probably the only real dance record on UE, Cafe Cicago, UE87)
  • Ria Pacquée : Hahaha (From ‘Cassette Van Antwerpen’, a compilation cassette of only Antwerp based musicians and artists. Newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen tried to take us to court for using their lettering, UE165)
  • Elko B. : Ik Hoop Nog Steeds (From a test pressing of the upcoming LP ‘De Nor Des Hoofds / Prison Of The Mind’ UE303)
  • DSR Lines : Ontwaakt (Startraag) (From ‘Analogie Van De Dageraad’ LP, UE198)
  • Hiele : Late Lament (From ‘Hiele Sings’ LP, UE291)
  • Idea Fire Company : Odette’s Dream (From the Bruismelk 2014 compilation cassette that was published for the Bruismelk Festival that took place at Trans Peco’s in New York on 20-21/06/2014, UE175)
  • Miaux : Aeronaut (A hit from the Miaux’s second single, UE116)
  • Annelies Monseré : Hold Music III (Yet another track from De Nor 2019 comp tape, UE277)
  • Peter Fengler : Vegetarians (A crystal clear speech by the only real flying dutchman! Recorded straight into a lathe cutter. UE210)
  • Joe Talia & Eiko Ishibashi : Live (From De Nor 2019 comp tape, UE277)
  • Ōgon Batto : BAR PRIESTESS (From the LP ‘BROWSE’, UE295)
  • De Amuses : 01/08/1997 (From the RTVS LP + book. The intention here was to try and write and execute a “hit” within one hour, which was entirely broadcasted as a radioshow. UE276)
  • Speleocombo : Daar Gaat Zij (Killer Dutch Velvets cover, from ‘Speleocombo Speelt VU’ 7″, UE252)
  • Brorlab : Pee Is The Solution (From their s/t EP, UE294)
  • Sonja Nijs : Mijn Stad Den Groten Held (One of our all time favorite songs, out soon on UE!)
  • Noor : Wont To Wanton Eyebath (The A side from Noor’s single, recorded after a 12 day fast. UE208)
  • Bob & Lou : 31.12.92 21st Century Mix 10.01.05 (From ‘The Bob & Lou Tapes’ CDR , UE11)