On air from 15h till 16h

Initially a party organisation from Belgium, De:tuned has become a record label for reanimating the sounds from electronic music’s early days. Run by Ruben Boons and Bert Hermans.

  1. Egotrip: Dreamworld (Higher Understanding) (Outer Limits)
  2. Schatrax: Strings (Schatrax)
  3. Gescom: Puzl (Clear)
  4. Bobby Konders: Nervous Acid (Massive B)
  5. J. Dahlbäck: What Is The Time, Mr. Templar? (Svek)
  6. Alien FM: Universes (430 West)
  7. Drexciya: Black Sea (Warp)
  8. Hookian Mindz: Freshmess (Bandulu’s Remix) (FlagBearer Records)
  9. Chiapet: Tick Tock (War Of The Worlds Mix) (Yoshitoshi Recordings)
  10. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia: The Valley (KK Records)
  11. Unspecified Enemies: Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit (Counter Attack)
  12. Chris Sattinger: Butterfly Skull (Synewave)
  13. Transits Of Tone: Acid Bunker (Intelligence Records)
  14. Structure: We Are Structure (E-Structure) (Structure)
  15. House Hallucinates: Prisoners Of Extacy (!Hype)
  16. B12: Deluge (B12 Records)
  17. Baby Ford: Dead Eye (Ifach)
  18. Link: (Augur Intro) (Evolution / Universal Language Productions Ltd.)
  19. Egotrip: Dreamworld (World Of Dreams Mix) (Outer Limits)