On air from 16h till 17h

Somewhere around 1986, after several years of playing at local rock and new wave parties (he started at age 15), Tomaz discovered the first house tracks at the record shops. It wouldn’t be long before he moved from the rock/wave scene to the freshest thing in town: house and techno. From those early days on he got the chance to make his mark playing at the big parties with all the big names, and also through several radio shows programming all the latest tunes. Some ten years later he took his first steps in production with Kobbe resulting in a release on the famous Re-Load label. That was the start of a short but impressive release list. Tomaz is the common factor some of the biggest releases of the past years: More House, Latin Loopworks and Sunshine (with Filterheadz) and Saturn Moons (with Kobbe). More recently he also started working with others like Stanny Franssen, Redhead and David Pereira.

Between 2000 and 2010 he was part of the Switch-team bringing a weekly radio show on Belgian national radio Studio Brussel. Switch ran every friday and saturday and to bring all good electronic dance music, receiving guest dj’s from all over the world. Tomaz was the techno host of the show. In 2013 he joined Deg at www.22tracks.com for the techno section of 22tracks Brussels. You can also catch him regularly on internet radio stations like FNOOB and KioskRadio Brussels.

He has graced the line-ups of every major ànd small party, festival or club in Belgium and has travelled the European party scene. Everything he does, whether it is working at a record shop, radio station, studio or record company… he lives and breathes music.

  • Aquastep – Oempa Loempa
  • 3 Of Us – EM Potz first trax
  • Octave One – terraforming
  • Aubrey – marathon
  • Ellery Cowles – clear spirits Morganistic – time to track
  • Eight Miles High – razorsharp
  • The Blunted boy wonder – captive
  • Innersphere – biomechanoid
  • Illumination – satellite (activity)
  • Sound Enforcer – re-enforcement 7
  • Black Scorpion -empyrion
  • inSync vs Mysteron – redrain
  • D-saw – track 10:30