Konnekt has been DJ-ing for over 20 years from downtempo, to house, techno, drum and bass and anything else he feels suitable sending your way. Avid record collector, Konnekt knows how to amaze the crowd and all fellow DJ’s. Besides being a great DJ, he is also part label-boss of the renowned De:tuned record label. In 2010, together with a friend, they founded the De:tuned record-label. Initially a party organisation from Belgium, De:tuned has become a record label for reanimating the sounds from electronic music’s early days. From Robert Leiner, Steve Stoll, John Beltran, Luke Vibert, Kirk Degiorgio, Future Sound Of London and Peshay (just to name a few), their discography shows they have continuously been releasing quality music and made them one of the most respected labels around.

  1. LA Synthesis – The Beacon [A13]
  2. Baby Ford – Dead Eye [Ifach]
  3. Planet 6 – Touched By Mojo [Visible]
  4. Megalon – Darkness (Shaded In) [Plink Plonk]
  5. Variable Frequency Technician – Groove Control [Probe]
  6. Photek – T-Raenon [Op-ART]
  7. PFM – One & Only [Looking Good]
  8. Secret Weapon – Surgery [Protocol]
  9. Boymerang – Urban Space [Prototype]
  10. Justice – Airsign [Creative Wax]
  11.  G-Force – Proximity (ASC Remix) [Okbron]