Brian Dougans first releases were as “Humanoid”, releasing the acid house single “Stakker Humanoid”. The track was a hit not just at influential clubs like Shoom in London, but was championed by mainstream stalwarts like Radio DJ Bruno Brookes and Kylie and Jason producer Pete Waterman. After the single reached No. 17 in the UK Singles Chart in November 1988, leading to Dougans’ appearance on Top of the Pops on 1 December 1988. Subsequent re-issues also charted in 1992 and 2001.
Stakker Humanoid was No.1 for five weeks in the UK Dance Chart (December 1988) and has been cited as a major influence on early Aphex Twin releases. Dougans music as Humanoid is also part of the MOMA NY collection via Stakker Eurotechno.
Stakker was also used as the name of the collaboration between Dougans and video artists Colin Scott and Mark McLean. Eurotechno, the soundtrack to a visual installation by the group, was originally released in 1989.

  1. Humanoid – sT8818r (Luke Vibert Remix)
  2. Humanoid – Nerve
  3. Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid (Graham Massey Remix)
  4. Humanoid – Remix Of
  5. Humanoid – sT8818r (A664 Mix by Autechre)
  6. Humanoid – Co-Pilot
  7. Humanoid – Truc
  8. Humanoid – Sweet Acid Sound
  9. Humanoid – Bounce Patch 74
  10. Humanoid – Far Point
  11. Humanoid – sT8818r (Mike Dred Remix)
  12. Humanoid – The Words Of The Elders
  13. Humanoid – Blunt
  14. Humanoid – Fu*k It