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Initially a party organisation from Belgium, De:tuned has become a record label for reanimating the sounds from electronic music’s early days. Run by Ruben Boons and Bert Hermans

  1. The Black Dog > Hub (General Production Recordings)
  2. Reload > Amenity (Evolution)
  3. Sensurreal > Principia Symbolica (Op-ART
  4. Riou > Forth Song At Rockets (KK)
  5. Velocette > Minimum-Disco (Parallel Recordings)
  6. John Tejada > Beaming Red Oscillator (7th City)
  7. Gigi Galaxy > Interview With An Alien (Teknotika)
  8. Ellery Cowles > Upstairs (Revoke)
  9. Planetary Assault Systems > Twilight (Peacefrog)
  10. Joey Beltram > The Vertical (S3)
  11. Velocette > Down (Revisited) (Parallel Recordings)
  12. Two Lone Swordsmen > Rico’s Helly (Musique Tropique Remix) (Emissions Audio Output)