On air: Monday 13.08.18 from 18.30h till 20h

DISCIPLINE (see Throbbing Gristle) is an Italian label from Bari, also involved in booking, party and gigs organization in cooperation with the new born Display Agency.

Since 2009, as a label, it is promoting the new Italian avant and independent scene and their releases landed on the most important record stores’ shelves, from Japan to Rough Trade.

Discipline did collaborations with the likes of Andy Votel, Bella Union, Rough Trade, Mannequin, Chicks on Speed, Erlend Oye, Moshi Moshi Rec., Ninos du Brasil, Tomaga, Kitsunè, Maria & The Mirrors, Kap Bambino, Paradise Bangkok, The Horrors, These New Puritans, The Warlocks, Liars, Dean Chalkley, Wah Wah 45s Rec., DFA, Acid Jazz Records, Bottin, Offset Festival (London), Elita Festival (Milan), GQ, Fred Perry, Modern Movement (Berlin) and last, but not least, Independent Label Market, by organizing the London format in Puglia.

It’s also part of the mysterious collective behind the party S E T A, with a non-permanent venue and a calendar that pops up in the middle of the year with super guests in small but cool places. People have to be lucky enough to send their RSVP before it’s sold out.

In 2019 Discipline will turn 10 and there will be big surprises, like the launch of a new platform linked to Display Agency.

Gae Antonacci is the man behind the music stuff: coming from the mod scene, he’s a fine records collector from 50s and 60s, passing by 80s wave, garage and punk, cosmic and italo disco, world and electronic, with  a flawless eye on the next thing.

He will play mainly 7-inches focused on Italian underground music from 60s to nowadays, from soul to library, to synthwave to cosmic and italo disco.