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Dj Aldolino aka Aldo Struyf with a dedicated show for Mark Lanegan.

picture by Alex Vanhee

Dj Aldolino (Aldo Struyf) is an Antwerp based musician and DJ. He plays guitar and keyboards in Mark Lanegan Band, Black Phoebe and his own band Crayon Sun. Other bands he played in include Millionaire, Creature with the Atom Brain, Vive La Fëte, Orange Black, Club Moral and many more. He’s been buying and spinning records for more than 30 years now, starting out as a resident DJ at one of the most famous rockclubs in Belgium, de Lintfabriek. Later he formed a duo with Tom Barman, played many countries and they were resident at ‘Cinema’, Stadswaag, Antwerp. These days you’ll find him mostly behind turntables before and after numerous bands in venues all over Belgium. Since Covid 19 erased nearly all cultural events he started releasing dansable music on 7inch as dj Aldolino.

  • °Robbie Basho : Blue Crystal Fire (This was the last song he played for me). 
  • *Mark Lanegan Band : When your Number isn’t Up. 
  • *John Cale : The Endless Pain of Fortune (One of Mark’s favorite singers). 
  • *Hey Colossus (feat. Mark Lanegan) : the Mirror. 
  • *Killdozer : Hamburger Martyr (Mark always laughed really hard with these lyrics). 
  • *Captain Beefheart : Party of Special Things to do. 
  • *War : Slippin’ into Darkness (One of J. L. Pierce and Mark’s favorite funk songs). 
  • *Velvet Underground : Oh! Sweet Nuthin’. 
  • *Traffic : Dear Mr. Fantasy (Mark wanted to play this one live). 
  • *Mark Lanegan Band : The Gravedigger’s Song. 
  • *The Armed (feat. Mark Lanegan) : The Music Becomes a Skull. 
  • *Mark Lanegan : Deepest Shade. 
  • *Mark Lanegan Band : Knuckles. 
  • *Mark Lanegan : Burning Jacob’s Ladder. 
  • *Mark Lanegan Band : The Killing Season live.