On air from 18H till 19H


Noun – The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. 


L’ esprit du quartier is a hangout between good friends Deejay Backstabber & Mogus. Guided by a random theme, each show is a sweet sounding potluck of unsung voices and unexpected songs.  

It’s all about having fun. #YOLO  

  1. Orphan Farytale – Nectar stop
  2. Las Flores del sol – Regresa Pues
  3. Vica Pacheco – Château d’eau
  4. Ibeyi – No Man is big enough for my arms
  5. Heta Bilaletdin – Diana
  6. Sudan Archives – Not for Sale
  7. Jane Weaver – A Circle and a star Part 1: By the focus group with Susan Christie
  8. Les amazons d’afrique – Lead vocals: Nneka – La Dame et ses valises
  9. Fka Twigs – Papi pacify
  10. Ibibio sound machine – Uwa the peacock
  11. A.b.u. 303 – Habibi (Paryia records, Female run label)
  12. Calypso Rose meets Mo laudi – No madame
  13. Aisha Devi – Mazda
  14. M.I.A. – Attention
  15. Animistic Belief – Ojo de las Grayas
  16. Cocaine piss – Pussy