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L’esprit du quartier – Valentine special

A flirtatious serenade for lovebirds!  



L’ esprit du quartier is a hangout between good friends Deejay Backstabber & Mogus. Guided by a random theme, each show is a sweet sounding potluck of unsung voices and unexpected songs.  

It’s all about having fun. #YOLO 

  1. Le marchand du soleil – Laula je t’aime
  2. Isaac Hayes – Ellie’s Love theme
  3. M. Ashraf feat. Nahid Akhtar – Dear I love you
  4. Soft focus – Flowers
  5. Qays Iyo Layla (Romeo & Juliet – Sharero band ft. Faadumo Qaasim)
  6. Daft Punk – Something about us (Love theme from Interstella 5555)
  7. Awalom Gebremariam – Teumat chena
  8. AKSK – Strong like nature CPUB DUB
  9. Diron Animal – Love family
  10. Terry Mackson – Distant Lover
  11. The Latins – HABIBI Twist
  12. Pat Benatar – Love is a battlefield
  13. Janka nabay – Stop Jealous
  14. Michel Delpech – Pour un flirt