On air from 14h till 15h

>Eric Von Stroheim exploring the sounds of drumcomputers being triggered by lasers hitting a water surface, MacDonalds poems, fourth world jazz,  Italian No Wave and other musical outsider styles pre dating the Artificial Intelligence era.

Suitable for long distance driving or as background tantra music.

Sit back and enjoy!!!

  1. Asda The MacDonald’s prayer
  2. Photons Waterlaser
  3. Schedelvreter Hunker
  4. Fauli til Dauli Speed
  5. Minimal Compact Static Dancin’
  6. Eazycon Double Life
  7. Ton Lebbink Geschiedenissen in je hoofd
  8. Masumi Tara Your Dream
  9. The Durutti Column Grace
  10. Paul Janssen & Zn. Nakketikker
  11. Kosa Cinq Minutes
  12. DDAA Now it’s time now
  13. Pacific 231 Eve Very Nice
  14. Jeff Greinke Hot Wire
  15. Van Kaye White Dove
  16. In Aeternam Vale Je ne sais Rien
  17. Martoc Born in a UFO