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Each month, born explorers and electronic music nerds Dune and Jonas Lion launch into the universe of dance music and rave culture. Inviting anyone to join them on their missions.
One of them spent most of his career at record labels, the other is a music journalist and both have a background as DJs and club promotors. Together they dive into any topic they find worth exploring and showcase some of their musical finds.
Their research is serious, but their show is not. Part radio, part music podcast, all dancefloor.

In this second episode they talk about their favourite club scenes on the big screen and take a deep dive in to Four Tet’s discography as they try to come up with the essential top 5 tracks of the prolific UK producer. 


Mix 1 – Dune

  1. Byron The Aquarius – Let Go (Sunshine)
  2. Tom Jarmey – Cascade
  3. Computer Data – M-Type
  4. Chavinski – Baby
  5. Richie Blacker – Sesh Gremlins
  6. Coco Bryce – Flight Six Six Six

Mix 2 – Jonas Lion

  1. Otik – 4CB
  2. Photay – Sea Urchin
  3. Lava Dome – After Cryonics
  4. Baauer – Home (Special Request Remix)
  5. E-Unity – Duo Road