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The bi-monthly skate soundtrack show returns with a show focused on the European skate scene in the late 90ies/early 2000.

Here’s what El Gallito has to say about it:
“PUZZLE European skateboarding magazine was one of the first magazines next to 411VM bringing us all the news in global skateboarding.  A monthly video that covered mostly the Euro skate scene. With headquarters in France they showed us footage of all the European contests, demos and promoting the euro scene generally, the people and European brands like Lordz and Square, Blueprint, Cliché… Those reports played a big role in the growth of those brands and helped American brands and skaters discover a whole new playground.  Spots in Barcelona, Paris, Prague… became a go-to skate destination and lots of video parts where filmed there.  Euro skaters got recognition and even got sponsorships on mayor American brands.

The Puzzle video crew often came to the skatepark (Zumiez-Wevelgem) back in the days  and their videos were played on repeat before and in between every skate session…

I selected some of my favorite songs/parts from those video days.  Enjoy.”

  1. California Eearthquacke – Mama Cass (Scott Palmer – Blueprint “Waiting For The World”)
  2.  Sheared Box – Portishead (PUZZLE VM several intro’s)
  3. Mr Mumbles – Randy Becker, Eddie Daniels, Marvin Stamm & Joe Thomas (PUZZLE VM #09)
  4. Time’s Up – O.C. (Collin Kennedy in Bleuprint “Waiting For The World”)
  5.  Never Seen Before – EPMD (PUZZLE VM #02)
  6. Cross Bronx Expressway – Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz (JB Gillet – Lordz “They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us)
  7. Get on Down – Kenny Dope (PUZZLE VM #04)
  8. La furie et la foi – Fonky Family (PUZZLE VM #02)
  9. Uncut, Pure – Big Daddy Kane (PUZZLE VM #05)
  10. Crescendo – Big Julien And his All Star (PUZZLE VM #03)
  11. Zombie – Fela Kuti (Jeremy Daclin – Cliché Europe 2000)
  12. Ulysse – The Cambridge Circus (intro Cliché Europe 2000)
  13. Qui (Flying Flute Instrumental) – Schkoonk Heepooz (PUZZLE VM #03)
  14. My Writes – De La Soul (Nao Nussbaum & Luy Pa Sin – LORDZ Conspiracy)
  15. Nos Pires Ennemis – Kool Shen feat. Disiz (Luy Pa Sin Lordz “They don’t give a fuck about Us”)
  16. To Love Somebody – Nina Simone ( Cliché – Bon Appetit)
  17. Happiness – Elliott Smith ( Mark Baines in Blueprint WFTW)