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Another Curtains show dedicated to skateboarding & it’s video parts hosted by El Gallito. This time he invited one of Belgium’s best skateboarders Fries Taillieu for a guest mix & also an interview.
Fries Taillieu is a 31 year old pro skateboarder & a Zumiez/Rampaffairz/SBQ soldier and was sponsored by brands like Gravis, Analog & Ratata Skateboards to name a few. 

  1. The One To Wait – CCFX (Fries Taillieu – GLOBE)
  2. I Met You On BC Ferries – LNRDCROY (Fries Taillieu – GLOBE)
  3. Earth Plates Are Shifting – Young Empires (“The Legend of Tom Penny”)
  4. Sultan Drops – Amon Tobin (Rodrigo Teixeira in éS Menikmati)
  5. 1984 – David Bowie (Arto Saari in Flip “Sorry”)
  6. Crawshay – Cymande (Danny Renaud Habitat – Mosaic)
  7. Can’t (Get U Outta My Mind) – Mall Grab (Bobby Worrest – Welcome to Venture)
  8. One Punch – The Upsetters (BAKER 3)
  9. Trondheim Gavle – Scorn (Fries in “HI-TIDE” by Matt Bublitz)
  10. Unforced Piece – Roky Erickson (Julian Davidson – Thrasher Part)
  11. Green Means – Nobody (éS Menikmati – Ronnie Creager)
  12. The Plan – Built to Spill (Marc Johnson -TWS “Modus Operandi”)
  13. Sacred Heart – Cass McCombs (Jerry Hsu – Enjoi “Bag of Suck”)
  14. Big Surf – The Sentinals (Arto Saari – Menikmati)
  15. Hate To Say I Told You So – The Hives (411VM Europe)
  16. BC – Cold Showers (Fries in “HI-TIDE” by Matt Bublitz)