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“El Khat are a four piece from Tel Aviv, all with different backgrounds – Iraq, Poland, Morocco and Yemen. In reference to the addictive leaf that has been chewed socially in Yemen and the Arabic peninsula for over 600 years, the band’s choice of name can be interpreted in various ways. Yemen’s situation in 2019 is dire – in the grips of war, famine and with little sign of change from these extremeties – yet the Khat leaf provides a feeling that promotes community and relaxation, a safe and welcoming connotation.”

Before their concert at Het Bos, they’ve selected some warming-up tunes for the radio.

  1. Ya Raiyat – El Khat 
  2. Almaz yeharerwa – Getatchew Mekurya
  3. Marhaban Ahlan – Mohammed Ben Mohammed Ba-Soweid
  4. Gitme – Selda Bağcan
  5. ? – Faysal Alawi
  6. Be Leza – IBY, Abate Beirhun
  7. ? – Shalom Tzabari
  8. Jua toka – Bi Kidude
  9. Venus In Furs – The Velvet Underground, Nico
  10. Black Woman – Alan Lomax
  11. Ala Jina – Nuhayiykum – El Khat
  12. Medley: Vent de la montagne / Six sous
  13. Qui est “In”, qui est “Out” – Serge Gainsbourg
  14. Usti Usti Baba – Duvacki Orkestar Dejena Avdica