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Joining the dots between heads down, high energy Techno & caustic, wide angle atmospherics via slick percussive motifs with a razor sharp sheen – Emily Jeanne has spent the last few years developing a unique voice as both a DJ and producer.

The Belgian artist, who spent her formative years between Vietnam and Ghent honing her craft as a selector, has worked tirelessly to carve out a sonic space that exists in equal parts as an homage to the reduced purism of the genres progenitors, as it does a harsh light looking forward to pastures new.

As a producer, an invigorating sense of restraint and a keen ear for balanced, dynamic composition has seen ample returns as the artist’s body of work begins to manifest itself across the contemporary leftfield dance music landscape. Appearances on ANGLS Records alongside a host of industry heavyweights, including Surgeon & Oscar Mulero, Planetary Assault Systems and more – as well as the VOLTAGE Imprint & vurt (Seoul) compilations make way for a larger outing Public By Default released last year via Svreca’s legendary Semantica imprint.

Slick, tempered and finely tuned, the extended EP works as something of a manifesto for the Belgian artist’s work – placing the emphasis on craft & nuance it’s a bold mission statement that depicts a refreshing raison d’etre from an exciting artist ready to embark on the next stage of their career.