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For Grafixx House Call, artist-teacher-curator Ephameron travels the world to visit some of her favourite creative friends. This season, she drives to Berlin for some inspiring conversations. As an artist, Aisha Franz makes comics to process life events by turning them into fictional stories. Her BFF Johanna Maierski is committed to publishing, distributing and promoting the work of talented people through Colorama. Together, this dynamic duo organizes innovative comics-based projects under the name of Clubhouse…


Theme song: Louis Reith

Interview, editing, photos: Ephameron

Song selection: Aisha Franz & Johanna Maierski

  1. Mark Mothersbaugh — Rugrats Main Theme
  2. Jonathan Richman — True Love is Not Nice
  3. Horse Lords — People’s Park
  4. Quantic — Get Ur Freak On
  5. Joviale — Dreamboat
  6. Wings — Let ‘Em In
  7. Westerman — Waiting On Design
  8. Mura Masa — Today
  9. Air Waves — Wait

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