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For Grafixx House Call, artist-teacher-curator Ephameron travels the world to visit some of her favourite creative friends. This season, she drives to Berlin for some inspiring talks. Artist-teacher-curator Henning Wagenbreth is also a musician-performer- designer. Topics of conversation include the role of colour and humour in his work, and the influence of popular art, mathematics, and political awareness.


Theme song: Louis Reith

Interview, editing, photos: Ephameron

Song selection: Henning Wagenbreth

  1. Punch Brothers — Another New World
  2. Jacob do Bandolim — Benzinho
  3. Kapaikos — Emlak Bankasi
  4. Counousse — Pulfi Jäble
  5. Pascal Comelade & Cobla Sant Jordi — El rei de la màgia
  6. Tuba Skinny — Variety Stomp
  7. Mazookas — Carbolic Rag
  8. Jacob do Bandolim — André de Sapato Novo

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