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For Grafixx House Call, artist-teacher-curator Ephameron travels the world to visit some of her favourite creative friends. During her 3-month residency in Bangkok, she talked with Tuna Dunn, an up-and-coming artist known for her minimalist linework, bathing in a muted colour palette.


Theme song: Louis Reith

Interview, editing, photos: Ephameron

Song selection: Tuna Dunn


Tuna Dunn



  1. Christopher Bear — Crossings ll (Past Lives OST)
  2. James Blake — Can’t Believe The Way We Flow
  3. The Lemon Twigs — I Wanna Prove to You
  4. Salad — Too Good To Be True
  5. Alabama Shakes — Guess Who
  6. The Ponderosa Twins Plus One — You Send Me
  7. Yukihiro Takahashi — La Rosa
  8. Jungle — Dominoes