On air from 21h till 22h

Small radio mix for WAV with mainly atomic bunker music from the past for isolated times in the present. A pinch of funk, avant gardisme and exoticisime suitable for cleaning, freezing your soup or panicking about your future bills. Enjoy and hold tight!!!

  1. Lena Platonos-An unsolved exercise in physics
  2. George Theodorakis – Stou
  3. Lizzy mercier Descloux-Torso Corso
  4. Camera obscura – camera obscura
  5. Die Form – Perversion
  6. 19 Gadi Pirms Sakuma – Niknie Zvêri
  7. EP 4 – Coconut
  8. La Perversita – Para Bokassa
  9. Tolerance – Boko Wa Zurui Robot
  10. Axxess – Owls