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Francesco Fusaro, the man behind the classical music recording series 19’40” and host at NTS Radio with the monthly Tafelmusik show, joins us with an exclusive mixtape of baroque, classical to opera music.

Here’s what he had to say about the mix.

In Italy, we have an written rule when it comes about the bottle of wine you should bring to a dinner you have been invited to: never bring one produced in the same region your host is originally from. That is because they will probably have a more refined knowledge of their region’s good (and bad) wines, than yours. So if your host is from the Piedmont region, bring a (good) bottle from anywhere but Piedmont.

In this case I have put together a mixtape that does the exact opposite: I chose the music that I like, by composers and musicians that were born in Antwerp. So if you will happen to find the music predictable, please forgive me: it was just a genuine tribute to a city that has managed to pack so much talent in such  little space!


Read our interview with Francesco in our blog section.

  1. Guilielmus Messaus – Hoe light ghy hier so cout (perf. by Transports Publics, Thomas Baeté, Griet De Geyter)
  2. Georges de la Hèle – Missa “Praeter rerum seriem”: Sanctus (perf. by Grandelavoix, Bjorn Schmelzer)
  3. Hubert Waelrant – Als ick u vinde (perf. by Venere Lute Quartet)
  4. Jen van Hoof – Symphony No. 2 in A-flat major: I. Moderato (perf. by Belgian Radio and Television Philharmonic Orchestra, Silveer Vandenbroeck)  
  5. Leonora Duarte – Sinfonia No. 1 (perf. by Sonnambula)
  6. Karel Goeyvaerts – Composition No. 6 with 180 Sound Objects (perf. by Champ D’Action, Celso Antunes)
  7. Jef Maes – Viola Concerto: I. Allegro ma non troppo
  8. Joachim van den Hove – Pavana lachrimae (perf. by Joachim Held)
  9. Jacobus Barbireau – Ein frohlich Wesen: III. Four-part chanson (perf. by The Early Music Consort of London, David Munrow)