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A 90 minutes special on Björk in anticipation of her live concert on the 11th of July at Sint-Pietersplein (Ghent). Mixed & selected by Fred Nasen. Fan since day one, he dived into his collection to make a selection of favourites & rarities .

  1. Bjork: Isobel (Deodata rmx)
  2. The Sugarcubes: Deus
  3. Bjork: Immature (Mark Bell version)
  4. Bjork: Atom Dance
  5. Bjork: Like Someone in Love
  6. Bjork: Hyper-Ballad
  7. Bjork: Human Behaviour (Underworld rmx)
  8. Bjork: Earth Intruders (xxx change rmx)
  9. Bjork: I Go Humble
  10. Bjork: Venus As A Boy
  11. The Sugarcubes: Christmas Present
  12. Bjork: All Is Full of Love (Plaid rmx)
  13. Bjork: Possibly Maybe
  14. Bjork: The Anchor Song (Black Dog rmx)
  15. Bjork: The Boho Dance