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A focus on the German krautrock & experimental band formed in ’81, involving members of Phantom Band and musicians that have collaborated in various Can related solo projects.
[Selected by Fred Nasen|

  1. Dunkelziffer: This Is How You Came
  2. Phantom M: For M
  3. Dunkelziffer: Songs For Everyone
  4. Dunkelziffer: Q
  5. Dunkelziffer: Keine Python
  6. Dunkelziffer: Bleib Nicht So Lang Im Schatten Stehn
  7. CAN: Halleluhwah
  8. Phantom Band – E.F. 1
  9. Dunkelziffer: Kedema
  10. Dunkelziffer: I Pinched Myself
  11. Dunkelziffer: Colours And Soul