On air from 11h till 12h

Each Sunday between 11h & 14h WAV provides the sounds at De Bosbar during breakfast. With WAV hosts & guests

  1. John Barry: 007 And Counting
  2. John Carroll Kirby: Repettos For You My Lord
  3. Patsy Gallant: It’ll All Come Around
  4. Special Touch: Garden Of Life
  5. Paprika Soul: Come With Me
  6. Space Ghost: UFO
  7. Switch: Additions To The Dance
  8. Hamburger All-Stars: Swinging London Part 2
  9. Jah Wobble: How Much Are They
  10. Will Powers: Kissing With Confidence
  11. Robert Rental: Double Heart
  12. Happy Mondays: Loose Fit
  13. Sun Electric: Sun Dance
  14. Laszlo Bencker: Robotically
  15. Dr. Mary Sullivan Bain: Do You Know Black History