On air from 20h till 21h

Best of 2019 w/ Fred Nasen. A focus on favourite labels of 2019 from Emotional Rescue, Seance Centre, Platform 23, Light In The Attic, Stroom & more …

Hosting the bi-weekly show Texture Radio on We Are Various.
Fred Nasen runs the Texture Radio shows for more then 8 years now. Started it on urgent.fm on a weekly base & did parties in Ghent with guest dj’s like Apiento, Steele Bonus to Suzanne Kraft.

  1. Oy Seh Hum (white)
  2. Rare Silk: Storm (Emotional Rescue / Be With)
  3. Mj Lallo : Singing in The Lightyears (Seance Centre)
  4. 4AM: Passion (Emotional Rescue)
  5. Ruins: Elegant Shout (Stroom)
  6. Lifetones: Good Side (ESP)
  7. Dennis Young: Tarzan Meets Jane (Athens Of The North)
  8. FJ: Fool’s Love
  9. Alexis Le Tan- Wonders Oveze World (Idle Press)
  10. Dazion: Sake Boogie City (Second Circle)
  11. Haruomi Hosono: Sports Men (Light In The Attic)
  12. Randall Kennedy: Smith’s Room (Platform 23)
  13. Short-Term Memory: Hysteria (Seance Centre)
  14. Boards Of Canada: Aquarius (WARLPLP 300)