On air from 20h till 21h30

Another selection of homelistening favourites, leftfield disco & forgotten classics. Expect new (not new) tunes

  1. Sun Runners: What’s on Your Mind
  2. Psychemagik: We Can Be One
  3. Shantel: Bass & Several Cars
  4. The Gagosians: Run For Money (Lexx rmx)
  5. System Olympia: Sirius Desire
  6. Oliver Rogg: GE/CH
  7. Silver Leaf: Hey!
  8. Relax: Radio Hörn
  9. Sun Runners: You First
  10. Elaine Kibaro: Ne Doute Pas
  11. Nick The Record: Wordy Soca
  12. Love Root: Hold Me Right
  13. USG: Life For Living
  14. Omniverse: Never Get Enough
  15. Mr Marvin: Entity
  16. Banzai: Rhythm Kung Fu Master
  17. System Olympia: 6am Romance