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Another selection of homelistening favourites, leftfield disco & forgotten classics. Expect new (not new) tunes

  1. Epsilon Nine: Life Formation
  2. The Tubes: Prime Time
  3. Meo : Monday’s Coma
  4. Dj Stefan Egger: Indian Love
  5. Fantastic Man: I Love You Baby (Love On The Rocks)
  6. Equip: XXXO
  7. Liquid Son: Rainfall
  8. Logue: Keep Me From Pain
  9. The 4th Wave: Ethereal (Planet E)
  10. Daisy Glow: Theme From Daisy Glow
  11. Trackstars: Bonanza (LIES)
  12. ROD: Nitecollage
  13. Autre: LA FUNK (ESP Institute)
  14. Andras: Scallops (Public Possession)
  15. Telephones: Blue-Tek