On air from 18h30 till 19h30

WAV(e) into the weekend with Texture Radio this afternoon. Another selection of homelistening favourites, leftfield disco & forgotten classics. Expect new (not new) tunes

  1. System Olympia : Lousy
  2. Amazonia: Amazonia (Heels & Souls)
  3. Persian: Parvaaneh Retwist
  4. No Smoke: QAU in Music
  5. Simple Symmetry: Apes in The Orange Groove
  6. Kosmic Light Force: Mysterious Waves
  7. Igor Jadranin: Heavy In Stereo
  8. Martin Island: Don’t Give Up
  9. Dj Garth: 20 Minutes of Disco Glory)
  10. Amami: You Say Me
  11. Paul Hardcastle: Loitering With Intent
  12. Lauer: ESC w/ Jasnau
  13. The Abstract Eye: Nobody Else
  14. Underground Resistance (white)