On air from 17h30 till 18h30

WAV(e) into the weekend with Texture Radio this afternoon. Another selection of homelistening favourites, leftfield disco & forgotten classics. Expect new (not new) tunes

  1. Suzanne Kraft : On Our Hands (Melody As Truth)
  2. Todd Modes: Rain Rituals
  3. Hugh Mane: Out In The Ether
  4. Histoires De Filles: House Tube
  5. The Frenzied Bricks: Vicious Circle
  6. Marc E: Who Do You Believe In
  7. Marine Boy: Laura Laura
  8. Liquid Son: Rainfall
  9. Psyance: Gates Of Heaven
  10. Yu Su: Melaleuca (MFM)
  11. Mr. Barth : Hold Still (Svek)
  12. Lilac Road: Sandra Slut
  13. YUF-0: Prance